Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life is wonderful!!!

"Some people call me a trouble-maker.....Wrong!  I'm a bitch who speaks the truth and won't put up with your shit!"

Hey everyone!  I hope that you are well and happy....I am.  i have to be, I just told someone else to get off the pity-potty, and rejoice in life:

Wish I would have made better choices in life, and wish so much trauma and things that were just out of my control didn't happen. How little mercy, compassion and understanding the world gives- only blame, shame and added guilt. I know in my heart I want to be a good mother and person, how different I wish things were!What the hell, ______! You are a mother?? Sorry, no nice words here, time and life are fa--aaaa---rrrrr to precious to lose. I guess I have to write one of those SNAP-OUT-IT!!!!!!First of all, congratulations!! I can't have any children.....but then
this isn't about me right now....and it's isn't about you either.... it's about your baby!!!! Lucky lucky you!!!! You DO still have choices, like the rest of us, every day, every second.
So....start making some choices, right now....and make sure that they are some damn good ones! Decide right now I am going to make a gratitude can start with the fact that you are still alive in this beautiful world....c'mon, you're artistic.....LOOK around you...there is beauty to discover EVERYWHERE....For starters, you live here, in a free nation...we are not living in the middle of a war zone with bombs going off all around us
I know it sounds like I'm being harsh to you, and the others readers are probably thinking that I am a total bitch, but I don't care.....this type of talk worked on you once before and I'm willing to bet it will again.....I am writing this on the wall because that is where you put it. If you didn't then you'll have to message me or call me, but I'm still going to lay it down like this on the phone. We all have made bad choices in our lifetimes.....mistakes, and you know what???? It's perfectly human and to be expected....though I would not call a baby a mistake.

and I know what I'm talking about, I used to have a huge problem with depression, and not even a great therapist nor medication worked or helped until I made the DECISION to get pro-active with my life and get a handle on it, me, my depression, I had to come to terms that I was and am in fact bi-polar (dare I write this where everyone can see it? Nope, I turned 50 this month and when you turn 50 you don't care what other people think about you! I would almost say that I would trade your baby for my bp, but the bp, once I decided to let it, became something that actually opened doors for me.....yes, I agree with ________, trust in God, or greater power, what ever you want to call him, her or it, but you have to work at life as well. I guess I've said enough, again call me if you want....I love you, God loves you, knowing you, a lot of people love you and care deeply for you.


  1. Gratitude is key for not allowing life to crush you. My wife died 15 months ago. Rather than lamenting her passing ad infinitum, I've leaned to be grateful for the time that we did have. The pain is still there, but it no longer controls me.

  2. I wish you would open up a little more, Robin! Just you!

  3. Forget about the pity party...Gosh, Robin...I thought you were like 30-something! You look amazing!!