Sunday, May 20, 2012

Painting Peonies alla prima with a palette knife....from start to finish! we are with the blank canvas, getting ready to paint the peonies which are behind to the left.

.....and here I am, all eager to get started!

Here is the start...directly on the white toned camvas for all of you Incamminatites.  (That's we who paint at Incamminati, art school started by Nelson Shanks)  When I was still in Florida, as a Mennonite, pre-Incamminatite, this is how we (Nike Parton and students) would start a painting.
Here is the start of laying in color, relatively thin with the palette knife. 

Closing in on the gaps, and then adding more definition to the flowers and the foliage.

Time to go mow the lawn!!!


  1. I enjoyed seeing this in sequence, and like the painting, but who is that in the photo?

    1. Very funny!!! Did you see the video of it? I just posted it here on my blog.