Friday, May 11, 2012

I have to tell this to's too funny!!!
As some of you know, I grew up as a Mennonite, and grew up in a Mennonite home, went to a private school run by Mennonite.
One day in my 6th grade math class taught by an Amish woman, Miss Mast, who was nicknamed lovingly "Speedy", the boy behind me, who was always causing troubl...e during class...or trying to.....was picking on me. I finally had had enough and turned around and popped him one right in the face, knocking his glasses off! Little Mennonite girl confronts the bully!
Miss Mast, who had her back turned to the class, working out numbers on the blackboard, did not see the he tattled on me!!!! "Miss Mast, Robin just hit me in the face."
As some of you reading this may know, Mennonites and Amish are taught resistance from retaliation, at least in the physical sense....
Miss Mast, without turning around, still busily, and Speedily, crunching out her numbers, replied without one Menno-second, "That's OK, ____, you probably deserved it!"
I am not an advocate of fighting back (nasty moves based on fear), but Speedy had just forever implanted herself in my did the boy in question, of course......I had a crush on him.....that was perhaps my way of showing should have punched me back!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Robin, So I can imagine plusses and minuses of this kind of an upbringing, beautiful in it's simplicity but too limiting maybe. Just curious. I grew up on Cape Cod and could not wait to leave, see the world. Now I know it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and can imagine a wonderful life there as a painter.