Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the new members that have joined my blog!  I taught level 1 color study today,     mentored an artist friend, and then painted for a few hours in the afternoon, before I had to attend a two hour instructor meeting.  One of the highlights of the day is that my dear friend, Dan Thompson, gave me a painting that he did!  I will post it tomorrow!  I'm thrilled.  I have quite a collection of art from different artists,, mostly my colleagues at Incamminati, but also a collection of woodcut prints of birds from my dearly beloved mentor and teacher from my teen years, Nike Parton of Sarasota, Florida.  She knew Henry Hensche, and taught me the palette that I have been using for almost 40 years.  It will be fun to show these here on my blog.  I have a really cool palette-knife self-portrat by Kerry Dunn, two beautiful landscapes by Darren Kingsley, a stunning portrait by Natalie Italiano, and a beautiful nude by Lea Colie Wight.  Whew!!!  Guess I just picked out my blog project for the weekend. Also, for the week-end I have to deliver my painting "Miranda" to the State Museum of Harrisburg, the painting shown above that I thought would go here???  but the computer had its own idea....
Good night, everyone!  I have a full day of painting tomorrow.  I need to work on my painting of Mehgna Varma, pictured above.....the very lovely daughter of my friend and past student, Jay Varma....another most excellent artist, and photographer.